From Dreyfus to PEGIDA

Where does this fear of the infiltration of foreigners into Germany come from? An attempt at understanding the fear of that which is foreign.

Three Prejudices Fact-checked

Whether in casual conversations, on Facebook, or at demonstrations full of provocative protest signs, prejudices against refugees are heard everywhere. What's really behind it?
Die bunte Seite der Macht

If I Need an Opinion, I’ll go on Facebook

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Information: Geneva Refugee Convention

Included within the Geneva Refugee Convention of 1951 are the definition and legal status of refugees. A refugee, according to the Geneva Convention, is someone who has a founded fear of persecution. Causes include ethics, religion, nationality, political conviction, and membership in a specific...

Mina, Nomad of the Sky

When it comes to the refugee crisis, words like "asylum seeker" or "refugee" are often used. What meanings are hidden behind these words?
Blick ins Wörterbuch

Is Migrating the Same as Fleeing?

What is the difference between refugees and immigrants? In many debates the two terms are often used interchangeably, whereby they actually represent two entirely different things.
Migration oder Flucht?

Fear as a Constant Companion

Women and children, above all, are exposed to many dangers on their journeys to flee. Arriving at their destinations, the threats often don't cease and security measures aren't always implemented.

Information: Refugee Children

There is, in addition to the reasons acknowledged by the Geneva Refugee Convention, a vast number of dangerous situations from which children and youths, in particular, are affected: Among these “child-specific causes of flight” are, according to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees,...

Private Residents: Family Substitutes

Guardians – whether official or private – play a central role in the care of unaccompanied, underage refugees.

Information: UUR & UUF

According to the definition, unaccompanied, underage refugees (UUR) are people seeking protection who are not yet of legal age and who have fled their homelands without being accompanied by a guardian. In German bureaucratic language, refugees are people who already hold protection status, which...

Much is Still Unresolved

Underage refugees travelling alone: Redistribution is taken care of in the state of Saarland. Our editor Maximilian Gerhards did some digging.

LASt Lebach: Le-What?

Lebach, a town with a population of 20,000 and located near Saarbrücken, is home to the Landeserstaufnahmestelle (LASt. English: state reception centre) for refugees in the state of Saarland. Finding information about the facility isn't so simple.