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From Raqqa to Bremen

Raaid Abas was part of a protest movement in Syria, until ISIS arrested him. When Raaid got away, he fled his homeland.

Themenschwerpunkt Flucht und Migration – Bremen // Von Rakka nach Bremen

Forever Free

More people have been coming from Eritrea to Germany than any other country. Why are so many people fleeing from there?

"We were exotic"

The photography Mahmoud Dabdoub talks about his life between Palestine and the former GDR, between photography and reality, and the attempt to bring the two into harmony.
Mahmoud Dabdoub

Flight of the Sparrow

Discrimination in Iran against Afghan refugees affects all areas of life. This is why more and more Afghan refugees have been fleeing from Iran to Europe in recent years.
Geflüchtete Afghan*innen im Iran

Born into Poverty

The Roma don't have a true home. But they are discriminated against everywhere they go. As a result, many have decided to flee.
Roma in Dortmund

The Eagle Leaves its Nest

Last year, 54,760 Albanians applied for asylum in Germany. Why are so many of them leaving their homes?
Der Fall Albanien

Between Dictatorship and Bureaucracy

Germany isn't the only place to have accepted refugees. During the wars in Iraq and Lebanon, Syria did the same. But the issues there were very different.
Omar Sourakli beim Interview

Without Work: A Nightmare

Arriving into a safe country is not always a joyous occasion. A Syrian family prepares themselves on the trip back home, despite the prevailing war.

Fate of the Yazidi

The Yazidis of Syria and Iraq are frequently faced with persecution, oppression, and ethnic cleansing. Their story is hardly known in Europe.

The Living and the Dead

Through Bashar al-Assad's government in Syria, thousands of people have wound up imprisoned. Their situation has worsened since the beginning of the revolution.
Politische Gefangene in Syrien

Faces of the Refugee Crisis

With the spread of war and terror in Syria and Iraq, life there is becoming increasingly difficult. But there are also good reasons in other countries for fleeing.
Geflüchtete in Dortmund

Baba Willi

Hazm is 15 years old and fled Syria with his family to Germany. His friend Majd came to Germany without his parents and found a "German father figure" in the social worker responsible for him.

Not His First Time Fleeing

Afghani refugees in Iran have no prospects for the future, which is why Abdel decided to move to Europe.

Back to Afghanistan

Is the country along the Hindu Kush a safe country 15 years after the war?

Christmas and Ramadan

Muslims oppress women. Muslims don't want to assimilate. There are a number of prejudices currently spreading around. But is there any validity to them?
Muslime in Stuttgart