Hello Germany?!

From Paradise into Exile

The Matar family came to Germany in June 2015. They feel safe in Saarbrücken, even though they miss their home and one of their sons is in ISIS captivity.

Highway Exit: Lebach

Tumaj Talimy was born in the refugee shelter in Lebach. The film student makes films about the area, where refugees have been living for more than 50 years.

Themenschwerpunkt Flucht und Migration – Saarbrücken // Tumaj

On the Periphery of Germany

There are many social problems in Eisenhüttenstadt. Vacancy and a disproportionate amount of elderly people define the city. At the same time, more than 4,000 asylum seekers live in the city. Can that work?

Extreme Europe

Pegida, PiS, Podemos – throughout Europe political views are veering either far to the left or far to the right. Two scientists, two explanations.

Welcoming Cultures

They are separated by generations. But Manfred Kees, Jessica Richter, and Firas Adel have one thing in common: They fled as children. The Germanys of1945, 1989, and 2016 received them differently.
Manfred Kees ist als Kind aus dem Sudetenland geflüchtet.

Overnight Asylum in Uelzen

The ZuFlucht project at the Hundertwasser train station helps travellers who have to stay the night at the station over night. Many of them are refugees.

Crossing the Border Over the Oder River

Walls, fears, foreign languages: All of these are borders that people must overcome every day. We spoke with a view inhabitants of the border town Frankfurt (Oder).
Zwischen Frankfurt (Oder) und Slubice

Fight for the Schengen

Will Europe remain borderless? The Young European Federalists (YEF) vouch for openness within European — and for a European federation.

Parallels Between 1961 and 2016?

Mass accommodations, limited resident permits, difficult working conditions: a number of our current neighbours found themselves in a similar situation as guest workers back in the 1960s.

Where Is My Family?

One their way to Germany, many young refugees are separated from their relatives. The German Red Cross' tracking service can help.
Geflüchtete Kinder

Repair Café on the Oder River

Asylum seekers, whose statuses haven't yet been determined, aren't permitted to work in Germany so easily. But the refugees in Frankfurt (Oder) know how to busy themselves at the Repair Café.

Themenschwerpunkt Flucht und Migration – Frankfurt Oder // Repair Café

A Completely New World

To leave one's home is a huge step, especially for children and youths. In Dortmund, the St. Elisabeth youth centre helps unaccompanied, underage minors.
Geflüchtete Kinder

Why Germany?

Many refugees are moving to Germany. We've gone around and asked why they've chosen to live here specifically.
Bara'a N-zar beim Interview

Theme of Flight in Antiquity, Present Day, and on the Stage

Are flight and migration solely phenomena of our times? A look at literature and theatre tell a different story.

In Search of Home

Those who have fled to Germany have left their homes behind. But what does the term actually mean?
Die Bayreuther Altstadt

Germany Through Different Eyes

Germans are generally considered conscientious, punctual, and precise, but is this truly the case? Immigrants report of their first impressions.
Blick auf Stuttgart