Living Together

Integration Through Waste Sorting

Mehdi Harichane knows what it's like to live in a different country and a foreign culture. Now he supports as many people as possible, just like he was supported twenty years ago.

Passing the Ball with Eagles

A sense of community is important in any sport. The Albanian football club KF Sharri in Dortmund has acted as a mediator between different cultures for many years.
Integration durch Fußball

Bayreuth Bar Games

Many refugees have come to Bayreuth in the last few months. To help them assimilate, the volunteers of Bunt statt Braun e.V. have been bringing them along to bars.

Themenschwerpunkt Flucht und Migration – Bayreuth

“Without Me They’d Be Screwed”

Communication is absolutely essential when it comes to refugee work, but without the numerous language professionals in Germany today, this would hardly be possible.

The New Kids in Class

The Waldorf school in the Saarlandic town of Walhausen has 17 new students. Of course, there are miscommunications that arise. "But we have decide to have fun with it", says one of the students.

Together in a Small Space

They're always well dressed, they all have smartphones, and for them living in Germany is like living in a paradise. That's what some Germans think of refugees. But are their living situations really all that rosy?
Im Flüchtlingsheim

Love without Borders

A love that overcomes all hurdles: Typically such a thing exists only in films. But for Mariam and Yamen, it's become a reality. How does their intercultural relationship function?

Themenschwerpunkt Flucht und Migration – Dortmund

Like an Old Married Couple

Our editors received an insight into the living spaces of Fabian, Ahmad, Wael, Abdou, Rebecca, and Soumar, and an overview of the possible ways for them to integrate.

Mosques as Keys to Integration

Muslim communities are important for the assistance and integration of refugees.

Integration and Islam

Many muslim refugees always hear the question of how integration and religion can be brought into harmony. But is Islam truly a barrier to integration?
Islam und Integration

Integration: One by One

We can always learn something from children. But can they also be role models for society-wide integration?
Geflüchtete in der Waldorfschule

Entering the Job Market

Many refugees hope to find work in Germany. In the meantime, companies are looking for labourers. But do expectations and reality fit together?
Sprache als Tor zum Arbeitsmarkt

Five Kilometres, Two Worlds, One Conviction

There lie only five kilometres between the French town of Forbach and the German city of Saarbrücken. A search in the border region for people helping refugees.

Female Lives without Value?

Fleeing is more dangerous for girls and women than it is for men. Not only for this reason do they need special assistance when they arrive.

"Students into World Citizens"

The Waldorf school in Walhausen, Saarland is implementing its own integration program, from which everyone is benefiting.

“Not Just Statistics”

How a social worker helps young unaccompanied refugees upon their arrivals to Germany.

"Language Will Open Doors

What goals do Syrians in Germany have?

Knowledge Instead of School Transcripts

No university education without transcripts – but a few universities are making it possible regardless.