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It falls under the jurisdiction of The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to decide whether refugees are able to stay in Germany. The Lokstoff theatre in Stuttgart brings to light the other things that take place between refugees, officials, and translations.

Themenschwerpunkt Flucht und Migration – Stuttgart // Pass.Worte

My Life in Syria

Mateen has been living in Stuttgart for the past five months. He tells us why he made the long journey to Germany.

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According to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), roughly 31 per cent of the people who fled to Germany in 2015 were under the age of 18. What's noteworthy is the number of people who either left their parents behind in their homelands or were...

Alone in a Foreign Place

Alireza met a someone in Stuttgart who was separated from his parents on their journey. How can Alireza help him?
Geflüchtete Kinder

Education in Germany

Bara'a N-zar highlights what he and other young Syrians think of the schooling and education situation.
Autor Bara'a Inzar

“We Still Have a Lot of Positive Energy!"

One of our authors on the future of young Syrians.

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“Those facing political persecution are entitled to the right of asylum”, reads Article 16a of the German Basic Law, without defining what is meant by “political persecution”. This question is more clearly addressed in the April 22, 1954 UN “Convention relating to the...

Learning from the Student

Bader Mahfouz has been in Germany since November 2015. Since December he's been taking German lessons from our author. After asking him his story, our author gets to know him anew.

To Be or Not To Be?

Ahmed Hussein asks refugees about their lives in Germany and describes, from his perspective, what's important in a new society.
Autor Ahmed im Gespräch.

Giving up isn't an alternative

The story of a Chechen woman struggling with his limited stay in Germany and the worries she has for her children.

Following The Lights

Through the mountains by foot, over lande by taxi and bus, and over water by boat: the story of one man's flight.

قضية الحجاب

هل هي قطعة الملابس الأكثر مناقشة رمزاً للحرية أو القمع؟ ترد شابة مسلمة على الأحكام المسبقة التي توجه اليها في الحياة اليومية.

Themenschwerpunkt Flucht und Migration – Berlin

للحياة في الأمن

ترك رضا* مع عائلته بلده بسبب الخوف من الارهاب والقنابل. يسكن السوري الأن في شتوتغارت.
Familie auf der Flucht

Greetings from Halle!

A glimpse behind the scenes of the editorial staff in Halle.

Themenschwerpunkt Flucht und Migration – Halle // hallo aus halle

Islamic Society and Cultural Diversity

What a young Syrian thinks about diversity, culture, and integration in Germany.
Autor Osama

From Somalia to Hamburg

Hurre fled to Germany from Somalia. In his contribution, he describes his views on fleeing and migrating.
Autor Hurre